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Faith Based Values


Welcome to our web site.

Our mission is to empower people, through the Catholic tradition,
to live out their faith at work.


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Faith Based Values Series

For Parish Leaders &
Small Group Facilitators

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Living Faith at Work:
The Slideshow

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Program Delivery

Faith Community Missions and Retreats
& a Workshop for parish leaders

Conducted by Fr. Norm Douglas & Larry Vuillemin, Esq.

Adapted to the participating faith community

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Recent Additions


The Catholic Vision

Fundamental Components of the Catholic Christian Vision, Identity, and Mission

This is a 6 session, interactive, spiritual development series for adults.

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Book for Reading & Reflection


Full-Time Christians

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Faith Based Values at Work

Contentment At Work at Work

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Loyalty At Work at Work

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Living Faith at Work is grounded in the Catholic Church’s tradition and helps people to strengthen the connection between their faith, their values, and daily work life. Work has emotional and spiritual aspects that cannot be ignored if one seeks to live a fulfilling life. Living Faith at Work seeks to develop the emotional and spiritual intelligence required for people to exhibit moral and spiritual leadership at work, particularly in moments of stress and conflict. A key is understanding appropriate times and ways for prayer and faith/values discussions to be initiated at work.


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